Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm Tired, But I Learned!

I really like to write. I'm not saying I am good at it, but I do like it. The process of getting information, reflecting on it, and then writing my own thoughts about it is rewarding. ENG 240 has reinforced that fact for me, however, fitting an eight week class into four weeks has been brutal. With that said, here are my answers and feedback on the class.

Did my performance meet my expectations? Based on the assignments given and the time we were given to do them I would say yes. I am extremely grateful that the instructor was organized and included many tools to make sure we could stay organized as well. I completed every assignment on time and was glad that each assignment prepared me for the next one. I wish I could have spent more time researching and learning, but the demands of life can force flexibility.

What would I do differently if I did this course again? This question is tough to answer. To be honest I think I got a little burnt during week three while researching and writing the rough draft. I spent many hours reading and searching for that one piece of evidence that would support my ideas. By the end of the weekend my mind was shot. I should have started the research process earlier in the class so I was not so overwhelmed in week three.

What would I have done the same? I spent a lot of time reading the discussion boards. I enjoyed and grew from reading other people’s experiences and opinions. I will definitely continue to do that in future classes. I guess the discussion boards are like going to class since there is not physical classroom, almost like the social part of school.

My grade? I worked hard. Am I perfect? No, however, I think based on my effort and the work I produced I deserve an A. If the professor’s opinion is different, perhaps we can meet somewhere in the middle :).

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