Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Remembering Week Two

I started school at the University of Phoenix in September of 2006. The final assignment was a 700 word statement. Getting the words out was hard, but much harder were the citations. I spent what seemed like hours making sure I had every thing formatted correctly. It was painful. After writing many papers APA now feels like second nature and I am happy to report that the citations are the easy part. The research, however, has been brutal. I have many opinions about the topic I am writing about but finding people who agree with me and have data to back up their opinions has been difficult. In writing my paper, I have taken the strategy of just getting my thoughts out on paper. They do not sound right, in fact, many of them seem out of order, wordy, and confusing, but editing for me is a much easier than getting thoughts out on the page. Wait a minute, this is supposed to be about week two.

Okay, back on target. In all the papers I have done during my college career, I have never done an annotated bibliography, but I found the exercise very helpful in learning my research. I also found it helped a great deal in finding my research again when I need to reference it. The work load in this class has been very difficult, however, every single assignment has been an important stepping stone in the learning experience. I have really enjoyed that part of it.

I think this post was a bit of a ramble, but sometimes rambling is good, writing just to write feels good.

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